Alarming Signs Of Heart Disease

The digital lifestyle and stress from daily activities have caused a very high risk to our hearts, as we talk heart disease is among the number one killer diseases. Heart disease includes the following, infection related to the human heart, angina, heart failures, coronary heart disease and arrhythmias. People think that the symptoms of heart disease are obvious and highly noticeable.

They expect crushing pains in the chest, pains running down the arms and then a fall on the floor. Well, this might be the case, but you will be surprised that you already have a heart disease without your notice. Early symptoms do not start from the chest. The knowledge of heart disease is important. This way you will be able to seek treatment at the initial stages and avoid serious issues in future. This article will take you through all the signs, read on.

Symptoms of heart disease

Dizziness and lightheadedness

rfghdfjkThe feeling of dizziness and faint from time to time might be a sign of heart disease. It might mean you are suffering irregular heart rhythm or heart attack. The reason behind such feeling is that a drop in the normal blood pressure causes a shortage of blood supply to the brain hence dizziness.

Reduced tolerance to exercise

If you realize that you cannot do the same exercise you used to do with the same ease, then there is a problem. It is an indication that the heart is struggling to perform. When the heart is not healthy, it struggles to pump blood the rest of the body hence it cannot pump enough blood needed by the muscles for exercise.

Spontaneous sweating

dxfcgvhasdbSweating normal moments like when seated can be an indicator that your heart is not well. The medical reason to explain this is that the heart gets over active hence the reason why you will be sweating at times you do not expect.

Memory loss

This is an understated sign, friends and family might be first to notice it. If the heart has a problem, it will restrict blood flow to the brain which results in the injury of blood cells hence memory loss.

Swelling of the feet

sdxfcghvasdYou will realize that your feet are swelling and sore for no good reason. This might come along with a sudden weight gain. If the heart is not in a position to pump blood well, the blood gets back to the heart leading to accumulation of fluid in the legs hence the swell.